About Us_

Creators of
never-seen-before experiences.
We make the world engaging,
interesting and fun.
Our exploratory mindset lives on the intersection of creativity and technology, blended perfectly to deliver ideal outcomes through unprecedented market know-how and fidelity to strategic thoughts.
Building our history, present and future of success on our key pillars, the VALUE that define who we are:
Promptness, Quality, Expertise & Pragmatism.

Overview + -

ntam is a family that grows every day; harvested with innovative ideas and expanded 

with team spirit. Fostering the envelope and permanently working to fetch an ethically-driven 

and mindful marketing approach to the local and international markets


Making the digital world beautiful by tapping into the prominence of relationships.

Ensuring an exceptional experience through every story we narrate, every brand we raise, 

and every interaction we generate that look, feel and function beautifully.


We notarize transformative growth: accelerating businesses and establishing a path upwards to reaching

their maximum potential through unsurpassed creative direction, communication and personalized attention.

Opening the doors to unforeseen possibilities and implementing the latest effective digital solutions

to accomplish partners’ objectives.


The Network_


Reconfiguring health systems! Distance will never come between you and new patients! Wherever they exist


Delta Plus is an international leading company in the creation, planning, organization and development of events.


A modernized e-Business solutions provider specializing in web development and deployment


NTAM Studio is our production arm, producing content that sells, inspires and excites.


NTAM White is our B2B platform. We believe in making it easy and profitable for businesses to trust us as an external provider


We bake fresh ideas every day. Ideas that turn into unexpected experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds.


YV is a creative luxury brand agency based in Saudi Arabia. Our mission is to create meaningful connections between brands and consumers through creativity, culture and quality.


Our Web3.0 partner and the gate to the world of Metaverse. with unique ecosystem of solutions, idf3 is designed to help businesses to enter the metaverse.

Our Team_


Ahmed Fors


Sameh Mohamed

Managing Director

Nourhan ElReweeny

Strategic Marketing

Ahmed AbdElfatah

Social Media Head

Khadijah Amin

Motion Team Leader

Mai Wahba

Operation Manager

Noura Sohiem

Social Media Team Leader

Houda Tawfik

Community Team Leader

Yumna Darwish

Graphic Design Team Leader

Reham Abdelhakim

HR Manger

Sarah El Badry

Art Director-

Esraa Ramadan

Graphic Design Team Leader

Esraa Refaat


Ahmed Omar

Graphic Design Team Leader

Saif Adel


Ready for the Future?

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The future needs a story, and we’re here to create it for all brands in all industries. With plentiful expertise, a multi-talented team and an eminent history of success stories, we’ve redefined the digital work and continuing in a new road for transformative digital goals.