Breaking Taboos with the URO-Club Community: Challenging Stigma Surrounding Men’s Sexual Health

Sexual diseases and dysfunctions are prevalent issues that significantly impact a considerable number of men worldwide. Statistics indicate that approximately 15% of men experience sexual dysfunction or diseases each year. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Arab region, these types of problems are not considered as one that can be openly discussed among their societies and communities. A case study conducted in Saudi Arabia and Egypt revealed that a mere 11.5% of adults feel comfortable discussing sexual health matters with their parents. This number is low, and due to the lack of sexual education in Arab countries reports show that the amount of sex diseases and infections has increased in these countries over the past few years. Adults should have the right to know more information to protect themselves from these diseases. 

Unfortunately, many men associate these types of discussions with a perceived threat to their masculinity, which often leads them to shy away from seeking professional help or educating themselves about these issues. 

As the world is evolving, our way of thinking is also evolving, and taboos are being broken. At ntam Health, in collaboration with valuable medical institutes and health professionals we decided that it was time to break the taboo of not openly speaking about sexual problems and diseases, so we successfully created a ground-breaking community that tackles all sort of information and misconception related to men sexual problems and dysfunctions which is URO-Club. 

URO-Club community is designed to correct false information and spread awareness about men’s health targeting men affected by erectile disfunction aged 25 and above and men affected by Benign prostatic hyperplasia aged 45 and above in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. To establish a comprehensive digital presence, we created dedicated social media accounts across multiple platforms, accompanied by an informative website addressing various aspects of these sexual dysfunctions 

Aside from shaping a successful digital presence for that community, we created a helpline connecting our target audience in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia to health professionals through the website, which also offers a wealth of health-related information and online tests enabling men to assess their risk of developing specific sexual diseases focusing on erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia. 

URO-Club Community has achieved considerable success on social media platforms, attracting thousands of followers. Notably, our Instagram page has reached an impressive audience of over 190 thousand followers. The community’s impact is significant, fostering a much-needed dialogue surrounding men’s sexual health in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

The main goals for the URO-club campaign were spreading awareness about sexual diseases, creating a community where men felt safe to share any issues they have, and put effective medical marketing tactics into action as they play crucial roles in promoting public health and ensuring access to necessary healthcare resources. 

The campaign empowered men to recognize potential signs of illness, seek timely medical intervention, and adopt preventive measures. Furthermore, it contributed to reducing stigma associated with sexual diseases, fostering empathy, and encouraging support for affected individuals. 

Creating communities around specific health conditions is equally significant and that is what we achieved by creating a supportive community that provided a sense of belonging and understanding for individuals facing similar sexual health challenges. The community served as a platform  for sharing experiences, knowledge, and emotional support.  

In the realm of medical marketing, strategic tactics are essential for connecting healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders with their target audiences. Effective marketing campaigns raise awareness about new treatments, medical advancements, and healthcare services, ensuring that individuals are well-informed about available options. That was tackled in the community by employing various communication channels, such as social media, online platforms, and providing a help line.  

In conclusion, the URO-Club Campaign has emerged as a beacon of progress, breaking the barriers of silence and stigma surrounding men’s sexual health in the Arab region. By providing a platform for open discussions, accurate information, and access to professional assistance, we have taken significant strides toward empowering men to prioritize their well-being. 

As we continue to challenge taboos and expand our reach, we envision a future where no man feels ashamed or alone in navigating sexual health concerns. Together, let us embrace a society that values open dialogue, knowledge, and support, ensuring the holistic well-being of men across the globe. 

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